Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Airdrop not working (Mac) ? Follow these Steps

Troubleshoot the Airdrop Working on Mac

Airdrop not working

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In my previous post, we discuss on how to use airdrop on Mac. Today, we discuss on how to troubleshoot the airdrop on Mac. Many people use airdrop on Mac but they also face some problems or troubles with it. The problems like airdrop is not working, airdrop cannot discover the other devices, fail to send files and many more.
This post is all about how to troubleshoot the Airdrop working on Mac. In this we discuss on following topics:-
  1. Airdrop not working
  2. Airdrop cannot discover other devices
  3. Airdrop is failed to send files
  4. Airdrop with old version of Mac
Before start troubleshooting, First there is brief introduction of Airdrop.

Airdrop is one of the amazing feature that is used to share files, photos and so on over the wireless network. Airdrop use bluetooth and wifi to share the files with another people. Airdrop is use too send files with friend who is nearby you. Airdrop use bluetooth to check available user and wifi to share files with user. Airdrop is very fast, easy and no cost feature or method to share files with friend who is stand besides you.

This is the brief introduction of Airdrop now start discuss the problems that users face to use it and their solutions:-

1. Airdrop not working:-

 Airdrop not working
Airdrop not working

Airdrop not working means faces problems like Airdrop cannot be on. This is happen by following reasons:-
  1. Bluetooth is turn off
  2. Wifi is turn off
  3. Personal hotspot turn on


As airdrop needs both Bluetooth and wifi if one it is turn off it will not work. Following are the solutions:-
  1.   If Bluetooth is off then turn it on.
  2.   If Wifi is off then turn it on.
  3.   If bluetooth or wifi are on then off it then again on it.
  4.   If personal hotspot is on then off it.

2. Airdrop cannot discover other devices:-

Airdrop cannot discover other devices
Airdrop cannot discover other devices

Sometimes airdrop is on but it is not able to discover the other devices. It has many reasons like:-
  1.   If receiver set "Contacts only: option from "Allow  me to be discovered by"
  2.   If receiver set "Block all incoming connection".


  1.  If receiver set Contacts only and you or sender is not present in contact list then save sender's detail
  2.  If receiver on Block all incoming connection then turn off it from Security and privacy preference of Mac
  3. The best solution is set Everyone option to overcome the problem of invisibility to another user.

3. Airdrop is failed to send files:-

Sometimes everything is right but still airdrop is failed to send files. This is because:-
The devices are not closer to each other


Solution of it it simple:
  1.  Both devices under 30 feet area that means both devices should be closer to each other.
  2.  Airdrop cover 30 feet(9 meter) area.

4. Airdrop with old version:-

 To access old version
To access old version

There is also problem when you airdrop with older version of Mac.


If you face problem to airdrop with Mac old version that never means it is not work with old version. Airdrop also work with Mac old versions. To airdrop with old version of Mac follow these steps:-
  1. Airdrop has one of the mode named is "Legacy mode". It is work with 2012  or old Mac both
  2. When airdrop with old version select legacy mode.
  3. If the receiver has old version then go to "Don't see who you're looking for?" in the Airdrop window of the sender's Mac.
  4. Then click on "Search for an Older Mac" button.
  5. After this, computer will automatically start scan to find user who has older Mac.
  6. To get out from legacy mode simply click on Cancel button.
In this post, am try to cover all the problems that user face while using airdrop on Mac and their solutions. But if you face any other problem while using airdrop then comment it. And please like and share the post.