Thursday, August 2, 2018

List of iPhone generations from 1st to current generations

iPhone: Generations From first to eleventh

Today, Smartphone becomes a essential part of our life. We totally depend on our phones to do anything like to make documents, photography and even a small work like to see the Date, day and also time. In market there are many options of Smartphones or you can say mobile phones. To select which phone is best is quite tough to select one. There is one option in Smartphone is iPhone.

If someone wants advance features, better performance, and he has no problem of money then he should go to buy iPhone. It provides many features to its user named as Facial recognition, Animojis, Airdrop, better camera quality etc.

It score highest position in Smartphone brands. iPhone is a product of “Apple”.

“The first iPhone is released on 29th June 2007 By Apple Inc.”
“Now iPhone released it eleventh generation that is iPhone-X on 3rd November 2017.”

iPhone X  becomes more popular around the world due to its amazing features. Till now iPhone has introduced its 11th generation. It has following models:-

    1. iPhone :- 


     This is the first generation of it and it is launched on 29th June 2007. It was the original iPhone which change the world. It is refer as 2G because it was the only who ship with 2G network.

    2. iPhone 3G :-

    iPhone 3G


    It is the second generation. It was released on 9th June 2008. It is similar as the original iPhone but it has some extra external hardware features such as GPS, 3G data and triband UMTS/ HSDPA. It has also some additional; features like push email and turn by turn navigation. It introduced the Apple Store from where people can download or installl the Apple's app.

    3. iPhone 3GS:-  

    iPhone 3GS


    It is the third generation that introduced on 8th June 2009. In its name 3GS, the S is stood for Speed. It improves  as improvement in performance, 3 mega pixel camera, voice control, video ability and support for 7.2 Mbits/s downloading.

    4. iPhone 4:-

    iPhone 4


    It is the fourth generation  and introduced on 21th June 2010.It has new hardware design as Retina Display and support for Face Time. It was the first who introduced the front camera.

    5. iPhone 4S :-

    iPhone 4S


    It is the fifth generation of taht introduced on 14th October 2011. In its name 4S, the S stood for Siri. Siri is a virtual assistance present in mobile work as people commands. It also has good camera quality.

    6. iPhone 5 :-

    iPhone 5


    It is the sixth generation that is introduced on 21th September 2012. With its  Apple again change the design such as aluminum based body which is thinner and light weight as compared to previous designs, taller screen and also support LTE that is 4G network and it also change the 30 pin charging port to Lighting port.

    7. iPhone 5C:-

    iPhone 5c


    It is the seventh generation that was introduced on 20th September 2013. It does not offer high storage as compare to other technology.

    8. iPhone 5S:-

    iPhone 5S


    It is the seventh generation  that was introduced on 20thSeptember 2013. It was come with new features such as Apple finger print technology, Touch ID and it also provide the feature M7 motion to track the steps throughout the day.

    9. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus:-

    iPhone6 and plus


    They are eight generation that introduced on 19th September 2014. It has some improvements such as improve in design, battery life and camera. It had more advance camera to take better picture.

    10. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus:-

    iPhone6S and plus


    It is ninth generation that is introduced on 25th September 2015. It has some extra feature than its previous model include improved fingerprint recognition, high mega pixel camera such as 12 megapixel and advance LTE technology and it also support "Hey Siri" without plugged in.

    11.iPhone SE:-

    iPhone SE


    It is introduced on 31st March 2016. Here, SE means Special Edition. It offer small screen such as 4 inch.

    12. iPhone 7and 7 Plus:- 

    iPhone7 and plus


    Now, we start taking about the current models such as iPhone 7and 7 Plus. It was tenth generation of that introduced on 16th September 2016. It has similar design as iPhone 6 but also has some new options such as color option, dust and water resistance and it remove the headphone jack. It also the dual camera feature.

    13.iPhone 8 and 8 Plus:-

    iPhone8 and plus


    It is the eleventh generation that is introduced on 22nd September 2017. It has back of glass and also some additional features such as wireless charging, improve camera and display and fast processor.

     14. iPhone X :-

    iPhone X


    Finally, we come to latest and trending model that is iPhone X. It is also the eleventh generation that is introduced on 3rd November 2017. Here X, is sign of tenth that represent the tenth anniversary of iPhone series. It removes the home button. It come with amny new and amazing features such as Wireless charging, new type of password that is named as Face ID, also introduced Animoji feature that is animated emojis.

    So, this is all about the iPhone generations and its models . From the above you will get knowledge about each and every model. In this am try to cover all topics but still if something is skip then please comment. And also like and share the post.